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Staying Connected Through the Pandemic

Ahoy, Cresthill families and friends!

Captain Cresthill’s HR Matey here, touching base!

Over the last few weeks we have received many emails and comments from everyone on our teaching team missing their little learners; and we hope to be able to reunite again soon!

Cresthill Academy (CHA) has been making strides in the online learning platform to try and keep CHA students connected to each other and their centers. Ms. Belle has created “Anchors Aweigh” a new e-learning platform to facilitate circle time, story time, activities, and more!

We have also opened up the opportunity for our staff to stay connected to our little learners as well by volunteering to take part in a 30 minute story time session; so hopefully soon you will start to see more and more of your child’s beloved teachers popping up for story time from time to time!

Another way our staff can stay connected here at Cresthill, is to check in with their fellow crew members via Slack. Each designated center has a slack channel that is still open so that staff members can still collaborate with one another and stay in touch, even while apart.

We are hopeful that your place of work has a similar platform that can be used for employees to remain in contact with one another even while apart; if not, consider starting one!

Remember, it is important to have some friendly small talk/catch-up related chatter with your co-workers, among all of the duty-related talk as well!

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy, and we will try to keep updates coming your way as we look forward to getting through this as a family.

Best, Cresthill Academy Human Resources

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