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Fresh Organic Meals & Snacks made in-house by our Cresthill Academy Kitchen Team.


Balanced educational approach via integration of several early childhood education theories to enhance the learning environment vs. dogma of one approach.


Cresthill learners are encouraged to be independent with respect to self risk assessments while using real tools.


Daily Mandarin Chinese or Spanish language classes starting at infancy.


Daily and constant throughout the day disinfectant and sanitizer process to ensure a clean space.

Our Difference

The Visionary Child Day Care And Preschool 

Cresthill Academy is proud to offer the most innovative early childhood programming and progressive curriculum.  


Every child is engaged and cared for by a dedicated teaching staff. Every teacher in our school is CPR & First Aid certified and meet or exceed the New Jersey Childcare Licensing teaching requirements. 


Our childcare center features state-of-the-art fire, sprinkler, smoke and security systems.  Thus providing your child with the safest and most nurturing home away from home. 

Our preschool curriculum is designed in-house and reviewed by both the school's director and sponsor. Academic themes are implemented school wide to aid in development of a cohesive learning environment across the entire school.  


Individual classrooms design their own lesson plans, learning goals and methods within the bounds of the school-wide curriculum themes to allow flexibility and adaptability for the individual learner.


Other extracurricular activities built into our curriculum, when available, include but not limited to: Exploring In Science™, Move and Groove™, Purposeful Art™, Math x Fun™, Places and Spaces™, Junior Chefs™, Music and Mandarin™ and more!  


The preschool classroom is equipped with an interactive SMART Board.

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