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During the school year, Cresthill Academy partners with dance schools, sports and gymnastics coaches, musicians, and artists to bring various enrichment classes to the schools.

Our Cresthill learners partake in these enrichment courses in a safe and familiar environment while building new skills in a small group setting.  Enrichment course offerings vary pending on school and time of year and typically range from 10 weeks to 12 weeks long.

The convenience of offering enrichment activities on-site during school hours alleviates the time strain on our families' treasured weekends and holidays.  We understand our families are busy, and time is their most treasured commodity.

As such Cresthill Academy is here to provide all Cresthill students every enrichment opportunity without burdening our Cresthill families with dance lessons or piano classes during the weekend hours.  Our enrichment partnerships are designed to maximize our school hours without compromising quality weekend time with the entire family.

Summers at Cresthill Academy - Summer Camp, is an extension of our enrichment program that feature both off-site excursions and on-site visitors!  During past Summer Camp sessions, our campers have had visits from magicians, petting zoos, banana ice cream trucks, cooking demonstrations, scientists, artists and more!  

Cresthill Academy is proud to partner with local vendors to bring age appropriate enrichment activities to our littlest learners and expand their interests and horizons!
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