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Cresthill Academy Bilingual Preschool

Welcome to Cresthill Academy Bilingual Preschool, nestled in the heart of Uptown Hoboken. At CABP, we seamlessly blend the magic of childhood with the richness of bilingual education, fostering a nurturing environment where young minds blossom in both English and Mandarin.
Our Mandarin Bilingual Preschool is a highly interactive Chinese exploration program for students Pre-K2.5 and up. This program offers a fun, meaningful, engaging, and performance-based learning experience, focusing on listening and speaking communication skills. Students
will acquire the Chinese language and culture through tasks, hands-on activities, songs, rhymes, and games within the ACTFL (The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) framework.
With 3 dedicated hours of daily Mandarin instruction, coupled with engaging English instruction the rest of the day, we cultivate an environment where young learners thrive academically and interculturally.
Our themed-based studies encourage integrated learning, while our play-based approach fosters a stress-free environment for Mandarin acquisition through interactive and enjoyable conversations.
We appreciate your interest in welcoming Cresthill Academy Bilingual Preschool into your child's formative years. 

Begin Your Child's Bilingual Journey

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