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Toddler Daycare Program

Our toddler classrooms are where the fun really begins!


Children start transitioning into Cresthill Academy’s toddler program starting around 19 months of age and transition out of the toddler program at around 3 years of age.

Our curriculum and environment are designed to cater to each toddler’s desire to discover and explore while teachers offer support and guidance to enhance the learning experience. Many big "life events" of a toddler happens in the toddler program. This is an important period where your child is learning to potty train, self-feed, sleep on a cot rather than a crib and more!


Read more below to see how we continue to build the foundation of your child's future.

Curriculum Designed In Consideration For The Toddler Heart & Mind 

Our program places an emphasis on organization, choice and cooperation. Your child is now developing cause and effect relationships, sequencing to make sense and increasing communication with expressive and receptive language.


Pretend play, extensive story times and sensory explorations that include a listening center, science area and music are all implemented to enhance your child’s early development.  Letter, number and shape recognition is mastered before they enter preschool.


American Sign Language and Foreign Language classes are continued daily to encourage communication and language development.

In our toddler classrooms, you will notice a class schedule by every door delineating activities of the day.  This helps to provide a guide of the day and offer our developing toddlers a sense of organization and routine and to promote a structured learning environment.


For example, our toddler classrooms eat all snacks and meals in unison. Naps are taken together during the day while individual preference is considered, as we understand not all toddlers need the same amount of rest and have preferences just like us adults. 


The young toddler's class schedule offers more flexibility while our older toddler classrooms works to adhere more to the schedule of the day to prepare our young learners for preschool.

A Busy Schedule With Flexibility For The Growing Child

Uniforms For Undistracted Learning And Exploring

Starting in our two years old classroom, Cresthill Academy uniforms are required Monday-Thursday for all enrolled students.


Wearing uniforms in school limits distractions and creates a dedicated learning environment so our toddlers can focus on learning, exploring and developing.


On Fridays, it is our personality day where every child is encouraged to wear their own outfit selection from home and uniforms are not required.  This is designed to foster our students’ self-expression, creativity and personality! 


Cresthill Academy believes balance is the key to life, including our uniform policy!

Manners and etiquette are extremely important to us at Cresthill Academy; after all we are educating and developing our future leaders!


Our philosophy of developing the whole child includes cognitive, physical, emotional and social developments.  While designing our school, we decided that etiquette and manners are an important aspect of our social development curriculum.


We review manners as a daily focus to teach the importance of saying please and thank you while learning to push in our chairs, use a napkin and wash our hands often.


Potty training begins in our toddler classrooms as our expert caregivers utilize positive guidance techniques and recognition to achieve such an important skill.

Manners, Etiquette, and Potty Training. Oh My!

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