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School uniforms are required for all enrolled students in toddler class and older, and all teaching staff.  Uniform selections are seasonal and rotate based on weather and availability.  All children in toddler class and older are also expected to arrive to school and change into a pair of indoor shoes to create a healthy and clean environment primed for learning, rolling around and play on the ground!

The wearing of uniforms creates an environment free from distractions so that our young learners can focus their mind exclusively on exploring, learning and growing.  

Some additional benefits of school uniforms are:

  • Creates a sense of community and unity.  

  • Better safety protocols for visual identification in emergencies.

  • Lower clothing costs for parents.

  • Fewer struggles in morning between child and parent regarding clothing selection.


Per our Cresthill Academy’s emphasis on balance, we offer all students the opportunity to express themselves on Personality Fridays.  Where uniforms are not required.  Personality Fridays offers our young learners the freedom to express their fashion sense, favorite clothing and exercise decision-making skills through clothing selection without boundaries.

Please see your center director regarding uniform purchases and current uniform offerings.

For more information on the benefit of uniforms, please visit the following sites:


Primary Uniforms & Indoor Shoes!

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