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Our preschool program is designed for children three years of age and older and potty-trained students. We begin a more complex curriculum that includes but is not limited to social studies, science, phonics, math, manners and writing.


Our goal at Cresthill Academy is to send our graduates to Kindergarten already reading and performing levels above their peers! 

Curriculum Design And Learning Assessments

All preschool curriculums are designed in-house and reviewed by the school’s director and sponsor/owner.  Our preschool curriculum follows the school’s monthly theme while individual classrooms customized activities to meet the unique needs of the class and child.


Preschool students are assessed three times a year to analyze and assess developmental milestones and knowledge retention.  Parent teacher conferences are then held to discuss results of the assessment to communicate current developments and future developmental and learning goals for family and school.

In our preschool classrooms, our children are encouraged to be more independent through self-help skills, cutting skills and skills to get them ready to be more independence.


For example, our preschool classrooms eat all snacks and meals in unison.  They are expected to learn to have proper table manners, clean up, and more.

Preschool Three's - Steps Towards Independence

Preschool Four's - A Child Ready For The Future

A combination of structured and informal activities builds our before and after school care program. We feature indoor activities such as arts and crafts and board games while also providing children with a library and quiet homework spaces.


There are several opportunities for outdoor activities as well, including team sports and natural relaxation, which acknowledges every child’s need to unwind after a full school day.


Your child’s formal school day productivity will benefit from our long and short-term goals in projects such as cooking, music, dance and woodworking.

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