Cresthill Academy utilizes relevant and developmentally appropriate technology to optimize our students' education. Tadpoles smart app is used to maximize communication and connection between family, child and school.  

"Be With Your Child" With Our Tadpoles App

Tadpoles gives parents an incomparable means for staying in touch with how their child is performing and what they’re learning.


How teachers use Tadpoles:


  • To log your child’s educational achievements or send reminders during the day.

  • Provide information about your child’s daily activities, meals, naps and potty times.

  • Share special moments with parents by sending photos or video clips.


How parents use Tadpoles:


  • Read messages from your child’s teacher or leave one of your own, which is delivered straight to your center’s director.

  • Track your child’s milestones and see what they’re learning.

  • Get a peek at what’s coming up in the weeks ahead.

  • Access supplemental learning materials and activities. 


For example, you could log onto Tadpoles with your child, see that she is learning about the letter “A” in class. You could do an activity that lets her trace the letter. You could play an A-related word game and even watch a video about an Antelope with Antlers in Africa.

Technology Designed With A Purpose

Students today live in a digitally connected world. We’re doing what it takes to give them every technological advantage they can have.


Our preschool classroom features an interactive SMART Board that gives our teachers the ability to bring lessons to life.  Pictures in books are a good aid but bringing up pictures and videos on the SMART Board is more interactive and more engaging, not to mention more fun.  Imagine a student's excitement when getting to video chat with a real marine biologist from an aquarium or a preschool from China to learn about growing up half way around the world.  Our SMART Board technology allows students to expand their horizons, cross oceans and unlock their imagination all from the comfort and safety of our school.


As a part of our "technology designed with a purpose" mission, you will only find the SMART Board in our preschool classroom.  As suggested by the American Association of Pediatrics, “Television and other entertainment media should be avoided for infants and children under age 2.  A child’s brain develops rapidly during these first years, and young children learn best by interacting with people, not screens.”  


Although every classroom is equipped with an iPad, however iPads in our younger classrooms are used only for school and parent communiation and not for young learners.

Security At Every Corner

Cresthill Academy utilizes relevant and developmentally appropriate technology to optimize our students' education.  Tadpoles smart app is used to maximize communication and connection between family, child and school.  

Parents and students feel secure from the moment you drop your child off in the morning. We’re one of the first in the industry to install hard-wired (not battery operated) smoke detectors connected to our security system that is monitored 24/7 by a professional security company.  The school features a state-of-the-art coded entry system so that only persons affiliated with our school are allowed entry.


In addition, video cameras are strategically installed throughout our school.  The director’s main office has continuous live feeds from every classroom and play space; parents are welcome to drop by to view their child’s activity throughout the day.


Given the delicate nature of Internet security and hacker activity, we have elected to keep our video system on a closed circuit as an extra measure of security.  To protect the privacy and safety of every child in the school, Cresthill Academy does not allow for live Internet feeds to external computers.  This prevents any potential threats diluted privacy, sharing of images of children with adults unaffiliated with the school or hackers.   


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