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Our infant program is designed to enlighten young minds starting as young as 6 weeks at certain locations!


We are able to accommodate full-time infant care only.  


Read below to learn more about our enriching and yes, even educational program for our youngest learners!

Learning Starts Early With A Personalized Infant Curriculum 

Learning starts in the infant room at Cresthill Academy!


Our infant lead teacher designs an enriching curriculum tailored to the developmental needs and goals of each individual child.  While each infant’s schedule is different, there is a class schedule to help guide activities throughout the whole day.


Sample lesson and activities include but not limited to music, art, sensory development, gross motor, fine motor, social and emotional development.


The infant classroom is assessed three times a year for developmental checkups and goal setting.

Each infant classroom is designed with considerations for your child's learning environment. We provide lots of age appropriate toys and sensory activities to encourage learning, sense of curiosity, and adventure.


The infant classroom has a highly individualized schedule that is personal to your child's needs.  Each family provides a personalized feeding and nap schedule so that we may offer exceptional care by meeting your child's individual needs.

We work together with our families to ensure that our infant room is your little one's home away from home by following your schedule and care techniques from home.

Infant Care Designed With Love

Harmonious Balance Of Safety And Protection While Napping

Naps are an integral part of infant care and growth! 


As such, we take great care in making sure your little one is able to relax, grow and recharge in a tranquil and safe environment.


Based on preference, soothing music or sound machines may play in the background for our napping infants.


Our sleeping infants are continuously monitored by our staff with interval safety checks every 10 minutes.

In conjunction with our infant curriculum, American Sign Language and Mandarin and/or Spanish are taught starting in our infant classroom.


Early exposure to a second language has show to be helpful in stimulating cognitive development and brain function.  As such our foreign language teacher visits our infant class daily to speak, sing and play with our youngest learners!


Sign language interpretation and communication begins in our infant program and is continued throughout your child's experience at Cresthill Academy. 


As our infants grow into toddlers, sign language is proven to be helpful in communication even though toddlers may not be able form full words or sentences.

Foreign Language And American Sign Language Enrichment

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