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Sterile Spaces - Antimicrobial Clean

Cresthill Academy is 110% committed to the health and well being of our children and staff.  In addition to our stringent cleaning procedures, we are proud to have teamed up with Sterile Space (continuous during COVID19).

Even prior to COVDI-19, Cresthill Academy has had a long-standing partnership with Sterile Space Antimicrobial Spray since 2014.

The team from Sterile Space professionally disinfected and treated our school with long-term antimicrobial protection to eradicate infectious microbes on all surfaces.  Sterile Space’s EPA registered products create a protective barrier on every surface and the antimicrobial protection is effective for 12 months. 

Conventional cleaning leaves the space vulnerable to re-contamination as soon as a person sneezes, coughs or any other bodily fluids touch the surface.  Cresthill Academy goes above and beyond NJ State's requirement for cleaning and disinfecting with Sterile Spaces.

After every disinfection application, Sterile Space follows with an electrostatic application of an antimicrobial for long lasting eradication of newly deposited micro-organisms.  The electrostatic antimicrobial reduces the continued growth of infectious microbes caused by cross contamination.  

The result is a childcare facility with a medical/hospital grade disinfection and sanitization!

HOLISTIC CLEANING & CHILDCARE | A Germ Free & Chemical Free Child Care Center
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