Anchors Aweigh!

Remote learning is HARD. It's awkward and difficult for higher education, it's incredibly stressful and patience-testing for K-12...but it's almost impossible for early education (infants, toddlers, preschool). There aren't enough resources! What should they be learning at each age range? What's developmentally appropriate? I don't want them to be mindlessly staring at a screen, even if it's an educational show!


Well, never fear! We've created a comprehensive DAYCARE focused program just for our little learners!

Here you can find all of the age-appropriate online resources you need for your young learner, including:

  • Links to live and interactive Circle Times! (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

  • Links to AM Tuesday and Thursday story time!

  • All dedicated pre-recorded resources for our Anchors Aweigh program!

Please be sure to check this page every few days for any updates and/or information! Also, please reference the monthly calendar under the "Remote Learning Details, Schedule, & Monthly Calendar" tab!

We also post announcements and exciting news via our Instagram @cresthillacademy! Most of your questions can be answered by taking a look through the drop-downs below, but if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or!




1. We have a re-opening date for school!

With that said, Anchors will be ONLY AM CIRCLE TIME SESSIONS and Storytime will only be at 11:35am on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS so that Ms. Belle can devote the rest of her day to assisting HQ with reopening procedures, planning, and training!

Daycare Remote Learning Program

Weekly "At Home" Lesson Plans

All lesson plans are meant to compliment the weekly themes, as well as certain circle time review/themes!

  • Google Drive Link (for printable resources from the lesson plans) found HERE!
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Remote Learning Details, Schedule, & Monthly Calendar

AS OF 6.1.2020, THERE WILL BE NO PM SESSIONS DUE TO THE CENTER REOPENING ON 6.15.2020. ALL HQ STAFF AFTER AM CIRCLE TIME WILL BE FOCUSED ON REOPENING PROCEDURES, PLANNING, AND TRAINING The calendar and schedule below are out of date effective 6.1.2020. Thank you for understanding! -- Updated as of 5.1.20!

Testimonials & Love!

Unsure about the concept of remote learning for your little one? Read feedback from some of the first families to participate in our "Anchors Aweigh" program! -- Hello, I wanted to say thank you so much for extending your virtual classroom to friends of Cresthill. Ayla is beyond happy for the opportunity to connect with you and your students. It's really fun for me to see her learning with you all too. (Ms. Belle, you are magic, Ayla is enamored.) You may think that it's a small thing to do but it's really huge for us. Thank you! Hang in there. — Erin with Ayla (2.5 yr) and Ozzie (6 mo)
-- Belle - thank you for all of your hard work during this difficult time. I know it must be incredibly crazy and the fact that you’re taking it upon yourself to still find a way to educate the kids is a testament to your devotion to the students. I hope Cresthill knows how lucky they are to have you! (And please consider this a starboard shout out!) —Sona -- Just a note to say we made it to Circle Time this morning and Ms. Belle was so so sweet! Even though we were muted, I pointed out all of our friends from school and Leah was super engaged, bopping to the songs and waved “bye bye” to Ms. Belle at the end. Thank you so much for being a community to rally us together.
Laura -- Hi! Hope you’re doing well! We loved both circle and story time today (hopefully we will get better at not wanting to slam the computer keys) and who knew Ms. Belle had such a nice singing voice!!! —Hillary -- We really enjoyed the virtual storytelling today. Looking forward to joining more tomorrow!-—Krista G. --

You guys rock - you know that? Like really really rock. I am so thankful for all of you and your thoughtful approach to this situation. I have several friends with kids in daycare and NO ONE .. i mean NO ONE is doing what you're doing. It's truly incredible. I know you guys have always stood out in a crowd but I am very grateful that you continue to be a part of our village even if we aren't in physical proximity of one another.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the effort and love you show the children.



-- That was amazing!! Thank you, that brought so much joy to all of us!! Well done! —Suzanne

Contributions to Anchors Aweigh

Anchors Aweigh Remote Learning could use your financial support. If you are able, please contribute what you can. CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE

Our Crew!

Ms. Belle
(facilitator & moderator, coordinator, & lesson planning contributor)
Currently Cresthill Academy's Operations Manager, Ms. Belle started off in our very first location, Lyndhurst, as a teacher assistant almost a decade ago! Through the years she has learned and absorbed from other amazing educators, and is now proud to be serving our communities as an educator once more! Along with assisting in Cresthill's Headquarters team with our other projects during this time, she is the primary facilitator and team lead of Anchors Aweigh!, but she would be nowhere without her dedicated team of early childhood practitioners that help keep the wind ever-flowing in the sails! Ms. Bruna
(coordinator & lesson planning contributor/formatter) The right hand woman that keeps everything behind the scenes flowing smoothly, Ms. Bruna is an integral part of the team! She has been with Cresthill for over two years now, and has always been based out of our Hoboken Downtown location. But, she also has an extensive and intensive background in early childhood education even prior to starting with Cresthill! Her dedication and genuine passion (and compassion) make her stand out as an exceptional leader! She is the one scheduling/sending out many of our notices, as well the final set of eyes on many of our projects!

Important Links!

AM Zoom Session Link (Circle Time & Storytime)

  • Click HERE!
    • Meeting ID: 998 398 057
  • Password is: 2020
Pre-Recorded Resources



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