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Positivity & Light - Lower the Bar!

Ahoy Cresthill Families and Friends:

Today is Friday, March 27th and HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!

We made it through another week! We should be patting ourselves on the back because working from hom

e with a child or children (and for some, spouses too) is NO JOKE!

Today, a friend shared this article from The Cut titled Now Is the Perfect Time to Lower the Parenting Bar and we wanted to share with our Cresthill families and friends to remember, take a step back and take a deep breath - don't be so hard on yourself because we are all juggling multiple responsibilities ranging from work to childcare to worrying about grandparents to checking the news to <<insert your stress of the moment here>>.

To summarize, the article articulated the following:

  • It's Not About Thriving, It's About Surviving. Cut yourself some slack, forget the perfect IG WFH setup with beautiful lighting and fresh flowers. Do what you need to do to get through this tough time! NO ONE IS GOING TO JUDGE YOU!

  • Create a Realistic Schedule. Your child is ultimately not "in school" and putting the pressure of implementing the perfect school day schedule is impossible because you are in your home, not a school or classroom. Utilize help offered or join in one of Cresthill Academy's Remote Learning Program - Anchors Aweigh or our Curriculum Kits, and just do the best you can.

  • Food, Water, Fresh Air. All of these are important, but now may take on different forms such as trading power lunch for cheddar bunnies and apple slices, fresh air could be when you take the dog for a walk (but keep your distance!) and water...well as long as you are drinking something in a liquid form, we'll count that too.

  • Your Brain Also Needs Breaks. Remember those water cooler conversations? Or just walking to the bathroom at the office and passing by someone for a chat? Those are all vital brain breaks that we still need even though the bathroom is 10 feet away now. So, remember to build in some breaks for yourself, take a moment to be present and allow your brain to reset.

  • The Ticking Screen Time Bomb. Not all screen time is created equal, be able to adapt and use screen time to your advantage while considering how your individual child reacts to screen time. Here's a Cresthill Tip: Be sure to also distinguish between passive screen time (watching a video) vs. interactive screen time (active and interactive activities).

  • So Many People in the Same Boat. Everyone across the globe's lives are being upended and no one is expecting perfection.

We are all in this together and remember to be gentle and compassionate with yourself, your children and with others. We are all experiencing various levels of disruptions to our "normal" but we will all get through it together, one day at a time.

And for your levity of the day, here's a clip from Disney's sensational 2006 hit, High School Musical. It's one of Captain Cresthill's favorite "embarrassed to tell others that I love it" movie but hey, we are way past that now and as Zac Efron and crew sings "We Are All In This Together!"

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