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It's a Balancing Act!

Ahoy, Cresthill Families & Friends!

Welcome to what is, for many of us, the end of approximately our THIRD week of remote work—AKA: our third major reflection point, as we look back on the “new normal” that we have each started to become accustomed to.

Of course, as Captain Cresthill’s first passion is early education—I do have to mention that when I say remote work, I include children as participants in this—because we have been loving the photos of your children engaged in our remote learning platform, Anchors Aweigh, being “memed” by parents as their child’s “conference calls” or “important business meetings” of the day. After all, laughter is truly the best medicine.

We here at Cresthill would like to think that slowly but surely (and through no small feats of teamwork) we are, as a community, pushing and shoving our way back from “surviving”, back to “thriving—and we are here to remind you, friends, that we can do this!

The immediacy of the move to “work from home”, and at the rate at which it has occurred in households across America, is unprecedented; and I know many of you are tired of hearing this, but: we are living in unprecedented times!

As such, Captain Cresthill seeks to be your weekly reminder to treat yourself and others with patience, kindness, and the benefit of the doubt. We realize that being designated as a “work from home” employee does not simply mean that you can neatly designate time to ‘work’ and then designate time to ‘home’. Though we do our best to give you and your children some “calm moments” via our online learning platform—we realize that work from home simply means that now both sets of responsibilities, work and home, are occurring simultaneously!

This week, we’d like to highlight the article “If you remain mostly upright, you are doing it well enough”, which includes an interview with Nancy Costikyan, director of the Office of Work/Life at Harvard, and breaks down this new reality we are all in, and reminds us that adjusting to working from home is a lot like standing on one foot—small adjustments are needed constantly, in order to maintain balance (Herpich, 2020).

So, friends, as we each stand on one foot and work to re-establish our sense of stability, remember: we are stronger together. We encourage you lean on friends, neighbors, and family members (metaphorically speaking, of course), and to check on one another. As for us, we are here to be your virtual village, until such time that we can re-open our doors and arms to your and your family again —and we will continue to try to support you in every way we can.

I will leave you with this, as Nancy Costikyan’s quote from this week’s highlight article puts it best:

“Everyone is improvising all over the place, and that is both where we shine and where we stumble” (Herpich, 2020).

As we shine and stumble on, we wish you plenty of Love, Light, and Learning.

--Captain Cresthill


Herpich, N. (2020, March 30). If you remain mostly upright, you are doing it well enough. Retrieved March 31, 2020, from

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