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Welcome Runny Noses & Autumn Germs!

We love autumn as much as the next person. The changing colors of our leaves, the comfort

of a scarf wrapped around your neck, farm visits with families for fruits picking, and Pumpkin Spice on just about EVERYTHING please?

But in a group care setting, Autumn is also the beginning of flu season. With that in mind, here are a few helpful tips to keep the whole family healthy!


1. Get vaccinated. Vaccination is the first step flu prevention! Did you know that the State of New Jersey requires ALL children in group care and schools to get the flu shoot by December 31, 2019?

2. Wash your hands. This means wash your child's hands when you drop off at the center, wash before and after toileting, wash after coming in from outside, and wash before eating! Ultimately, you can never wash enough...yes, your hands will hate you for all the dryness but your body will thank you!

3. Cough into your elbow! Did you every time you sneeze, you are blasting mucus and air form the nose and mouth at up to 100 miles per hour!? That's a LOT of possible germs and viruses we are blasting into the air, and on to other surfaces and people! Model the elbow cough for you kids and keep your household free from 100 mph sprays of germs!

4. Drink water! This should be done YEAR round, because water is amazing for your body and helps boost your immune system!!!

5. Eat well! Try to boost those Vitamin C intakes by eating lots of oranges, eat a balanced meal and try eating organic whenever possible.

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