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Is Cresthill Academy Summer Camp in New Jersey the Perfect Summer Getaway for Your Child?

painting of children actually painting outdoors at a summer camp - on a webpage about summer camp in New Jersey

Summer is a time for exploration, learning, and fun. At Cresthill Academy, we understand the challenges of balancing screen time and outdoor activities, especially during the long, carefree days of summer. That's why our Summer Camp offers a perfect blend of educational enrichment and engaging physical activities, designed to provide a holistic experience for children aged 0-12.

In today's digital world, where screens are a constant presence, we've intentionally created a summer program that emphasizes interactive, hands-on learning and outdoor play. Our camp encourages children to step away from screens and immerse themselves in a world of creativity, teamwork, and exploration.

A Balanced Approach to Learning

At Cresthill Academy, we recognize the importance of a balanced approach to child development. Our summer camp curriculum includes a variety of activities that cater to all interests and learning styles. From arts and crafts to science experiments and nature walks, each day is packed with opportunities for your child to learn new skills and discover new passions.

Our experienced educators are experts at fostering a love for learning in a fun, engaging way. They guide the children through activities that stimulate their curiosity and encourage them to think critically and solve problems creatively. This hands-on approach not only keeps the children engaged but also helps them retain what they learn by applying it in real-world contexts.

Outdoor Adventures and Physical Activity

Photo of female preschool student at Cresthill Academy perhaps at the Cresthill summer camp in new jersey

Physical activity is crucial for the development of young minds and bodies. Cresthill Academy’s Summer Camp includes structured sports, games, and plenty of free playtime. Our outdoor activities are designed to promote physical health and teamwork while also teaching important life skills like leadership and cooperation.

Our campus boasts safe and expansive outdoor facilities that allow children to run, play, and explore in a secure environment. Whether it's participating in a group game, exploring local flora and fauna, or simply enjoying the sunshine, your child will have endless opportunities to be active and develop a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors.

Cultivating Social Skills and Friendships at a Wonderful Summer Camp in New Jersey

Summer camp in New Jersey is also a time for social development. At Cresthill Academy, campers are encouraged to collaborate, share, and communicate with peers of different ages and backgrounds. This social interaction is essential for developing empathy, building confidence, and improving communication skills.

Children leave our summer camp not only with new skills and knowledge but also with new friendships that enrich their social lives and provide additional layers of support and community.

Join Us This Summer!

We invite you to experience the unique blend of education, adventure, and fun at Cresthill Academy Summer Camp. Give your child the gift of a balanced, enriching summer experience away from screens and filled with joyous learning and growth.

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Schedule a tour today to see firsthand how Cresthill Academy can provide an unforgettable summer for your child. Our friendly staff are eager to meet you and discuss how we can make this summer one your child will always remember!

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