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CABP School 2023 Summer Camp Recap

Updated: Jan 11

As the sun sets on another amazing summer, we can't help but look back on the incredible journey our young learners embarked upon during the 2023 Cresthill Academy Bilingual Preschool (CABP) Summer Camp. This year's camp was a whirlwind adventure, taking our students on a virtual tour of different cities in China, exploring diverse themes each week, and engaging in a wide array of activities that left them both educated and elated.

A World of Exploration

Our students 'visited' different cities in China each week, from the bustling streets of Beijing to the coastal charm of Dalian, the vibrant metropolis of Shanghai, the ancient history of Xi'an, the panda-filled landscapes of Chengdu, the enchanting southern city of Guangzhou, and the serene beauty of Xinjiang. Through virtual tours, storytelling, and cultural activities, they soaked in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, history, and traditions.

Weekly Themes that Sparked Creativity

Each week brought a new and exciting theme, adding layers of depth to our students' experiences. They dived into the world of flavors during Culinary Week, basked in the sun during To the Beach!, channeled their inner artists during Clay & Art, conducted mesmerizing experiments during Science Week, discovered the wonders of the animal kingdom, became musical maestros during Music Makers, embraced environmental stewardship in Environmentalists, and ventured Under the Big Top for a week of circus-inspired fun.

An Abundance of Engaging Activities

Our campers enjoyed a kaleidoscope of activities that catered to their diverse interests and talents. From craft sessions that transformed everyday materials into works of art, to cooking adventures where they explored making rice balls and pork buns, to music and movement sessions that had them dancing with glee with different types of dance from 太极 Tai Chi and 娃哈哈(维吾尔族舞蹈) Uyghur Dances, to calligraphy lessons that allowed them to express their creativity with grace and precision, to dramatic play where they 中餐馆扮演 pretended to be in a Chinese restaurant or a 港式茶餐厅探索 Dim Sum Food Market, to building challenges that tested their engineering skills, to scavenger hunts that turned every corner into a new discovery – our campers were truly immersed in a world of endless possibilities.

Unforgettable Highlights

While every day was a delight, some moments truly stood out. Our special guest pipa performance and interactive session transported our campers into the world of traditional Chinese music, while a visit to a local Chinese restaurant allowed them to savor authentic dishes and engage with the culinary culture they had been exploring all summer.

It was a summer of growth, exploration, and joy, and we can't wait to see what adventures await us in the future. Thank you to our dedicated staff, passionate educators, and, most importantly, our incredible campers for making the 2023 CABP Summer Camp an absolute triumph. Until next summer, when we embark on new adventures and create more cherished memories together!

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