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Flu Vaccination & Your Rights

Ahoy, Readers!

During our last post, we talked about how to keep healthy during Flu Season, one of the tips including getting the flu vaccination. With the recent news coverage on vaccination, we wanted to share a few facts with our Cresthill families with young children and how the State of New Jersey's vaccination requirements work.


  1. The State of New Jersey mandates the flu vaccine for those 6 through 59 months of age and a current seasonal influenza vaccine is required annually.

  2. The State of New Jersey DOES allow for valid medical and religious exceptions for students per the NJ Immunization of Pupils in School regulations, (N.J.A.C. 8:57-4).

  3. While exemptions are acceptable, however keep in mind that high level of vaccination exemptions decreases the effectiveness of herd immunity aka herd effect and thus, putting our children under 6 months and other un-vaccinated children at risk of illness.

  4. The flue vaccination, although only about 40-60% effective in any given year, still prevents many from getting the flu. Read more about herd immunity and the flu vaccine here!

  5. For more information, please visit The State of New Jersey's Immunizations Page! Until next time, safe sailing!Captain Cresthill

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