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Childcare Tuition Assistance for Essential Employees

Ahoy Mateys:

As a part of our commitment to share helpful information with our readers, we eagerly share with you that the State of New Jersey has launched the Emergency Child Care Assistance Program (ECCAP) to support the childcare costs of essential employees, regardless of income.

East Hanover Cresthill Academy was certified on March 31st by the State of New Jersey to be a Certified Emergency Childcare Center to serve the children of frontline heroes in the fight against COVID-19. As a Certified Emergency Childcare Centers, our East Hanover location was notified that the NJ ECCAP program will contribute between $366 to $450 per week pending child's age towards the childcare costs of our Essential Employees.

For questions regarding ECCAP or emergency childcare, please contact Cresthill Academy East Hanover's phone is 862-701-5700 or email our Head of Schools, Ms. Monika Meyer at our center at with any questions, we are here and ready to help!

The ECCAP program provides childcare tuition relief to the following Essential Employees:

  • Health care workers, including staff working in health care facilities and in community- based services including home health and behavioral health;

  • Law enforcement personnel, fire and emergency services personnel, and correctional facility staff;

  • Individuals employed at emergency child care centers operating on or after April 1, 2020;

  • Staff working for entities that provide essential social services, including, but not limited to, group home and shelter staff;

  • Essential government employees who are unable to work from home, including child protection services workers, child welfare workers, foster care workers, unemployment compensation processing staff, and public health employees; and,

  • Certain critical workers, as defined by the Commissioner of DCF, at essential retail businesses, as defined in Executive Order No. 107 (2020) and subsequent Administrative Orders, which includes, for example, grocery store and gas station employees.

Below is how much the state will pay per week.

  • Infant, $450.35/week

  • Toddler, $415.70/week

  • Preschool, $415.70/week

  • School-Age, $366.00/week

If you meet the definition of an essential employee and have child care needs, we urge you to please go to to register for ECCAP; to all families who have the need and meet the requirements, please register ASAP as situations are changing frequently and we want to ensure our frontline heroes receives exceptional early education for their children so that it is one less worry on their mind while they are out there, protecting us.

For your convenience, we have attached the full bill here for your review.

We thank you for reading this post and we advise you to please register as soon as possible and please feel free to pass it along to other Essential Employees who may benefit from ECCAP.

If you have any questions regarding ECCAP or the enrollment at our Emergency Childcare Certified East Hanover Cresthill Academy, please do not hesitate to call the center at 862-701-5700 or email our Head of Schools, Ms. Monika Meyer at

We are here to serve you and help you.

We are stronger together and we will overcome.

Captain Cresthill & The Cresthill Team

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