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When it comes to nutrition, we advocate for a balanced diet filled with a variety of foods.  When it comes to investing, we advocate for a diversified portfolio.  However, when it comes to education, why do most preschools doggedly follow just one single early childhood theory? 


Whether it is the Montessori method, the Reggio approach, or Multiple Intelligences Theory, we must advocate for a balanced and diversified program in regards to our children’s education. 


At Cresthill Academy, we extract the best of each early childhood education approach and then distill a curriculum that is designed with care and purpose.  We make sure that the curriculum fits the need of the individual child while supporting the learning goals of the entire class.


When you walk into Cresthill Academy, you may find children leading in voluntary, enjoyable, purposeful and spontaneous play while supported and guided by a teacher.  Lessons and learning activities are taught through hand-on experiences while utilizing a variety of materials and medias.


Some days during pick-up and drop-off, children of different age may be engaged in play so that the children can learn from one another and develop skills that are helpful in the real world; where we work with others of different age and backgrounds.


To learn more about the variety of early education theories and models practiced at Cresthill Academy, we encourage to browse the following websites at your leisure.

A Balanced Approach

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