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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child doesn’t speak Mandarin. Can he or she enroll?
    We do not require students to speak Mandarin to enroll. Our program is designed for children with all levels of Mandarin knowledge. We hope to create a fun and engaging environment for your child to make the language learning experience easy and enjoyable.
  • We don’t speak the languages offered at CABP. How can we help and support our child?
    Our CABP community is very diverse, with many families that do not speak the languages offered. We offer extra-assistance to non-Mandarin-speaking families to ensure that parents maintain an active role in their children's education. Parents can use many venues to reinforce their children's knowledge of Mandarin including bilingual television, songs, books, movies, toys and games, Parents can also communicate with teachers on a regular basis about their children's academic, social and language development.
  • How often will I be updated about my child’s progress?
    CABP believes in the importance of strong parent-teacher communication. We provide regular updates about students' progress. Report cards and Parent-Teacher Conferences are also scheduled regularly throughout the year. Teachers will also contact families if there are any special circumstances concerning their child at any time.
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