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The Accomplishments of Kindness

Ahoy, Cresthill Families and Friends!

Captain Cresthill here—with your weekly check-in!

The theme of this week’s check in is simple: gratitude.

Since all this craziness began a short (who am I kidding—a long, very long) FIVE weeks ago, our small business has seen some very large, very fast changes. We never thought we would be in a position where we would be providing meal kits, online remote learning, and delivery of curricular learning materials—while NOT being hands-on participants in your child’s everyday education and care. This has definitely been, and continues to be, completely uncharted territory for us.

As such, it would not be possible for us to still be ‘standing’ as a company, without your support and dedication to us, to our team, and to our company’s values. For this—we thank you, deeply and profoundly. We also want to assure you that we are doing our best to pass on into the world the kindness you are showing us, because nothing is more apparent to those that have the privilege of working with children than this:

Kindness is one of the greatest lessons to teach a child, and it is taught most effectively through demonstration, because kindness operates best circularly: when it is received, it is passed forward, and it is in this way that its impact is allowed to grow and amplify.

We are in an extraordinary time to demonstrate to our little ones, who are ALWAYS watching and learning from us, the circular nature of kindness. So, Cresthill families and friends, I bring to you some examples of the impact that your kindness has had. With your support, we are not only seeking to stay afloat (truly the ONLY metaphor appropriate for a nautically themed company, in my opinion) as a small business during difficult times, but we are also doing our best to positively impact our communities and provide opportunities to help where we can.

Pictured above, Cresthill Academy teamed up with FLAG (the Front Line Appreciation Group) to donate and auction off a gift card to each of our Hoboken locations—the proceeds of the auction benefit those working on the frontlines of this pandemic, risking their lives to keep us safe.

Pictured above, Cresthill Academy donated over 2,000 face masks to essential workers on the frontlines of this pandemic (like firefighters, police officers, and hospital workers) in each of the cities in which our schools are located. A few months back, when this situation was at its peak in China, our founder and her family donated masks and had them shipped—now, when the favor was returned and she received 2,000 masks as this situation hits its peak in our country—she helped to prove the circular nature of kindness, by passing it forward.

Pictured above, Cresthill Academy delivered some smiles and hope (in the form of child-made rainbows, of course) to some frontline workers on the job.

Pictured above, Cresthill Academy has begun providing the option for Meal Kit Donations. Our East Hanover location remains open and our Frontline Care Team there is providing childcare for families in which parents work on the Frontlines. Thanks to the generosity of our Cresthill families and friends, since the induction of this program we have already received 10+meal kit donations, which will began making their way to Frontline Families this week.

So, Cresthill families and friends, I leave you with this:

My profound gratitude, and the promise to continue to do all we can to support our communities and ensure that the kindness you show us—will be passed forward and allowed to demonstrate its circular nature.

--Captain Cresthill

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