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How Cresthill Academy Daycare Incorporates Natural Play

Illustration of children painting in the rain on blog about how Children learn through natural element play at preschool - Cresthill Academy Daycare & Preschool website

At Cresthill Academy, we believe in the power of nature to enrich children's learning experiences. Here are some fun and educational ways we incorporate natural element play into our daily curriculum:

  1. Rainy Day Adventures: Instead of staying indoors during rain, we embrace it! Children don raincoats and boots to explore puddles, observe the patterns of raindrops, and understand the water cycle firsthand. Activities like creating rain art with washable paints and splashing in puddles turn rainy days into exciting learning opportunities.

  2. Water Play: Water is a versatile element that we use for various sensory and exploratory activities. From water tables with floating toys and funnels to creating small rivers in our outdoor play area, children learn about buoyancy, flow, and the properties of water through play. In summer, we incorporate water play to cool down and learn through fun water-based games.

  3. Snow Fun: Winter offers a unique chance to play with snow. Building snowmen, making snow angels, and even simple snowball fights help children develop fine and gross motor skills. We also conduct science experiments with snow, such as observing how it melts and measuring its temperature.

  4. Dirt and Mud Nature Play: Our outdoor garden is a favorite spot for digging and planting. Children learn about plant life cycles, insects, and the importance of soil. Mud kitchens, where children mix soil and water to create 'mud pies', are fantastic for imaginative play and sensory exploration.

  5. Nature Walks and Scavenger Hunts: Regular nature walks and scavenger hunts in nearby parks or our garden help children connect with their surroundings. Identifying plants, collecting leaves, and observing wildlife foster curiosity and respect for nature.

Why Choose Cresthill Academy Daycare & Preschool?

Image of toddlers playing with blocks outside appearing in blog post about natural play at Cresthill Academy Daycare

Cresthill Academy stands out for its commitment to incorporating natural play into our curriculum. While many daycares focus on indoor activities and worksheets, we understand that real-world experiences with nature provide unmatched learning opportunities. By choosing Cresthill Academy, you ensure your child enjoys a holistic, enriching educational experience that nurtures their mind, body, and spirit.

Playing with natural elements like rain, water, snow, and dirt is not just healthy but essential for children's overall development. Cresthill Academy embraces these natural learning opportunities, fostering an environment where children can grow, explore, and thrive in harmony with nature.

Choose Cresthill Academy for a daycare experience that values and integrates the profound benefits of natural play. We can't wait to show you around!

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