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Director's Thoughts - Bruna Morais, Hoboken Downtown

What makes Cresthill Academy different from all other Early Childhood Centers in the area?

For me, as the Director of Cresthill’s Hoboken Downtown location, what attracted me to Cresthill, first as a Lead Teacher, then as a Program Supervisor, and finally as a Director, is the innovative approach that Cresthill takes to managing all aspects of its program.

Though I could spout endlessly positive stories about the successes of Cresthill’s spoken language and sign language programs, our creative and unique method of creating themed learning, and the ways in which we slowly build upon a child’s cognitive abilities while connecting them to the world around them, I would say that the difference we make in the lives our little learners truly comes down to two key factors:

  1. Approach: The multi-faceted approach we take to learning here at Cresthill allows us to ensure that by teaching to many different theories of learning (audio, visual, kinesthetic, play-based, etc.) each child can engage with the curriculum in a way that best suits their abilities. From here, their successes and accomplishments are reinforced, while their difficulties are nurtured and addressed by a team of committed educators.

  2. Dedication: From the all-natural vinegar based disinfectant we use all throughout the day, called the Force of Nature, (while other centers are only disinfecting once a day, using bleach), to the all organic and non-GMO meal program provided fresh daily by our dedicated Cresthill Kitchen team, I know that anyone who wears our Cresthill logo truly prioritizes our children and is dedicated to their well-being.

If our approach and dedication speaks to you, or you would like to learn more about us, please visit for more information.

If you would like to learn more about my experience within Cresthill and why I believe in our values, please feel free to reach out:


Ms. Bruna

Hoboken Downtown Center Director

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