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10 Common Questions & Answers About the Cresthill Academy Daycare & Preschool (FAQ)

What is Cresthill Academy?

Cresthill Academy is a premier early childhood education center providing high-quality childcare and educational programs for children ages six months to six years at East Hanover, Lyndhurst, Harrison and select locations in Hoboken.

image of two preschool girls at Cresthill Academy Daycare and Preschool

What educational philosophy does Cresthill Academy follow?

Cresthill Academy follows a individualized child-centered approach inspired by Developement-Interaction Approach, Waldorf and, Montessori focusing on the individual child's interests, strengths, and developmental needs in a supportive interactive and hands on environment.

What are the age groups served at Cresthill Academy?

Cresthill Academy serves children from infancy through pre-kindergarten (six months to six years old).

What are the hours of operation at Cresthill Academy?

Cresthill Academy typically operates Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:30 PM, with some locations offering extended hours or additional programs.

What curriculum does Cresthill Academy offer?

Cresthill Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes language and literacy development including ASL, math, science, social studies, art, music, and physical education, tailored to each age group. We are proud to offer bilingual Mandarin classrooms at Hoboken Uptown and Hoboken South and bilingual Spanish classrooms at Hoboken Downtown.

Are meals provided at Cresthill Academy?

photo of organic fruits and vegetables on webpage about healthy meals for preschool children at Cresthill Academy

At Cresthill Academy, we take a well-rounded approach to child care and development. Not only do we understand the importance of engaging and teaching children using a variety of pedagogical methods, we also focus on the health and wellbeing of the children who attend our daycare centers. Every day, our children eat organic meals that are catered by Purely Plated Organic. The team comprises knowledgeable chefs who prepare organic meals from scratch each day to ensure children receive the most nutritional value out of each meal. What’s more, we are able to offer fully prepared heat-and-serve meal kits and single-serving portions to our busy families, which can be ordered online.

What qualifications do the teachers at Cresthill Academy have?

Teachers at Cresthill Academy are highly qualified and experienced early childhood educators with degrees in early childhood education or related fields, as well as CPR and first aid certification.

Is there a waiting list for enrollment at Cresthill Academy?

Enrollment availability varies by location, and some locations may have a waiting list. It's recommended to contact the specific location for current enrollment availability and procedures as we utilize a rolling enrollment process.

Does Cresthill Academy offer any extracurricular activities or enrichment programs?

Yes, Cresthill Academy offers a variety of enrichment programs such as foreign language instruction, music and movement classes, yoga, and gardening, depending on the location. We also partner with local vendors to bring soccer, dance, karate and more so children can take these classes while at Cresthill Academy and allowing for extra family bonding time on the weekend instead of running to multiple different classes. Additional fees apply for vendor provided classes.

What safety and security measures are in place at Cresthill Academy?

Cresthill Academy prioritizes the safety and security of all children and staff. Security measures may include controlled access entry systems, surveillance cameras, regular safety drills, and background checks for all staff members.

We were one of the first schools in New Jersey to install the AirScrubber in all classrooms in addition to localized air purifiers in each classroom.

If you'd like to see any other questions answered on this Cresthill Academy FAQ, let us know!

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