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Cresthill's Bi-Annual Training: Spring Edition!

Ahoy, Readers!

Happy April! As the saying goes...April showers bring May flowers. We can only hope that we don't get any more winter weather throughout this month! However, even though it was winter-storming again on Monday morning, our teachers were hard at work at East Hanover! We even had a special guest trainer!

So, are you curious as to what topics were covered? Luckily, I was there! Let's take a look!

New Jersey state licensing recently added more required hours to staff training, so we are taking the initiative to go above and beyond! In order to provide our teachers with quality training, we used Monday as an uninterrupted staff development day.

First, we started off the day with our largest group! Cresthill has decided to increase the number of CPR and First Aid certified teachers beyond the minimum licensing requirements for all of our schools. Why? Because we believe that it is impossible to be overly prepared!

After the CPR and First Aid training, our teachers signed up for workshops hosted by different members of management. By letting teachers choose, it gives them the option to pick topics they would like to learn more about, or what topics interest them. Overall, this leads to a more productive and fun learning environment!

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