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Summer Camp

A Language-Immersion Summer

For ages below 3

Our summer daycare for toddlers and infants is full of opportunities for exploration, outdoor fun and hands-on activities to encourage language learning. Children will enjoy new and diverse experiences with friends while enjoying all that summer has to offer.

Age Range: Ages 20 months - 2.5

Summer Daycare Dates:
Summer Daycare Hours:

A Language-Immersion Summer

Cresthill Academy Immersion offers a fun and thoroughly enjoyable summer camp in Mandarin! Children would get to explore a wide range of engaging and multi-sensory activities to encourage learning Mandarin in a fun and interactive way. Children will learn to express themselves with guidance from our team of experienced educators, and native speakers of Mandarin.

Age Range: Ages 3-6

Summer Camp Dates:

Summer Camp Hours:

For ages 3-6

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